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A year has passed since the events of season one. Simone tries to get into a prestigious program at Princeton University, and Topher supports her. Etsy, it seems, has not talked to them in at least a few months. After getting arrested for impersonating a police officer, Etsy meets Jonah, a new face at the police station, whom she briefly notes “seems familiar” to her. Back at work at the Voodoo shop, Etsy experiences a strange rift in reality, but it seems this isn’t the first of these episodes for her. She shakes it off and gets back to work to read the palm of a tourist. 
While Simone is out with Baker and his friend, they witness a mysterious death in the street, as a young man, Emerson Parker, seems to go insane and die suddenly. Simone recaps what she saw with Topher and they deduce that the Void could be involved. Topher goes to talk to Etsy, and they agree to get on the case to figure out what could be going on.
Topher reconnects with Dani Parker, Emerson’s sister. It appears that Topher and Dani share some romantic history. They agree to meet to reconnect further. Later, Topher and Etsy investigate another death similar to Emerson: the tourist girl who came into the Voodoo shop earlier in the week. The girl had died in a similar way, going insane suddenly and snapping. Topher and Etsy learn that this event happened near the bayou, where the cult gathered the following year to worship the Void. While investigating the bayou, they meet Fargo Kaminski, an eccentric sudo-scientist living in the swamp. Fargo shows them her studies of the bayou’s swamp matter. While they are out, Etsy has another mysterious episode…this time, hailing a mysterious figure called “The Anointed One”. The vision terrifies her. 
Etsy’s episodes continue to grow worse as she connects more threads of the case. She connects with Jonah on the night of Mardi Gras. While with him, Etsy has another episode, this time harkening back to her experience at JM labs. Etsy jolts out of the episode suddenly and finds herself lying on the ground the next morning. Simone and Baker run into her, and Baker helps her up from the ground. Desperate to stop the episodes, Etsy descends into a drug den. There, she discovers a disturbing new mystery…an unknown man nicknamed “The Yellow King” lurks the streets of New Orleans, kidnapping low-lifes and vampirically draining them of life force.
After recapping what she has learned of the Yellow King with Topher, Etsy meets Fargo again, who shows her the development with the swamp matter. Etsy brings the substance to Topher and they run tests on it. Its unusual properties lead them to believe it is from an entirely different dimension. Soon after, they receive a call from Simone. Baker seems to be going insane like the others who have died. Topher rushes to the hospital, but Baker has already died. In the hospital lobby, Topher meets Jonah, who threatens him to stay away from Etsy.
Jonah enters the Voodoo shop and connects with Etsy, asking what she might know about another new death. This time, someone that Etsy knew, who was found in the bayou. Etsy tells him that she might have more info for him, and they continue their conversation after hours. When Jonah shows Etsy recent photos of the death scene in the bayou, she notices that the swamp substance is now inscribed with words from her own language. 
After Baker’s death, Simone is determined to figure out the cause behind it. Her investigation leads her to connect all of the deaths with Etsy…It seems that Etsy’s touch is the thing causing people to lose their sanity and die. Simone confronts Etsy, warning her to stay away from Topher so that she doesn't hurt him too. 
Etsy begins to isolate herself more and more, fearing that Simone is right about her touch causing death. She connects again with Jonah, who she begins to confide in. Jonah, wanting to prove that Etsy won’t hurt him, touches her, but Etsy is shocked to learn that her power has no effect and she sees nothing when she touches him.
Meanwhile, Topher begins to suspect Jonah and starts his own investigation. He discovers the disturbing connection that Jonah has a brother who had gone missing…Daniel Elias Johnson, AKA Necromon, the leader of the Void cult. Needing to know more, Topher confronts Necromon in prison, who reveals the truth in full. In a sacrifice of blood, Necromon murdered his brother, Jonah, to bring the Void back to this dimension. The Void is in possession of Jonah’s body, and seeks to grow closer to Etsy. Topher deduces that it is their connection that is causing Etsy’s touch to be deadly. Meanwhile, Etsy and Jonah return to her apartment to spend the night.
After leaving Necromon, Topher goes to Jonah’s home and finds a pile of lifeless bodies with one survivor. She tells him the gripping description of how Jonah drains them of their life-force in order to keep himself human in appearance. Topher connects this with Etsy’s testimony, and deduces that Jonah is The Yellow King. Simone and Topher go to Etsy’s apartment but she isn’t there. Instead, they follow her trail to the bayou. 
Thrown into another reality, Etsy goes through a series of alternate events throughout her life. Having a family, friends, school, and a “normal” life. When she begins to realize these things never happened, she tries to break away. Jonah pulls her back and forth in these realities, until finally, she confronts her parents in this alternate reality and decides she has to go back to the reality she knows. Etsy wakes up with Jonah in her apartment. When she realizes that even this is not real, the illusion crumbles and she sees that they are in The Dark City, the place The Void has prepared for them in the bayou. 
Topher and Simone journey through the Dark City to find Etsy. They encounter a humanoid-bat creature, which Topher compares to a Lovecrafian Night Gaunt. They manage to escape it, and continue their way. Meanwhile, Etsy and Jonah, the incarnation of the Void, begin to battle. Jonah taunts Etsy about all of the deaths she has caused, reminding her of her darkness. They both try to unmake each other from reality. Just then, Topher and Simone enter the battleground. Topher knocks Jonah back, and Jonah attacks Topher. As he is nearly dying, Etsy pulls him and herself away to another reality. Topher, however, says they need to go back, and that he is willing to die if necessary. Etsy, determined to save Topher, lets her anger and hatred consume her, and blasts The Void out of Jonah and this dimension. 
Suddenly, Etsy wakes up in the hospital with Simone beside her. She learns that Topher is in a coma from the battle. Etsy recaps her experience with Mason, who comforts her. Returning to work, Etsy gets a call from Simone. Topher has recovered. Etsy is suddenly startled by a dark force in her head and fears what it might mean.
Later, Topher shows up at Etsy’s door, but Etsy is preparing to leave New Orleans. She cannot forgive herself for the deaths the Void brought about through her hands, and fears that the presence of the Void might still be inside her. Although Topher begs her to stay, she refuses, saying that, “Some monsters always look human.”
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