The Production Team

Michael Alan Herman


Topher Sommers

USC MFA Graduate and raging metrosexual. 

Josie Eli Herman


Etsy Delmen

The starving artist you've heard tell about. Still waiting on Force powers. 

ALSO Starring

Bruce Bennett

Season 1 & 2 - Victor Sommers


Bruce Bennett - Voicemime. 

Kryssy Becker 

Season 2 - Peyton Miller & Dr. Jenner

I peaked in 6th grade when I was a contestant on Slime Time Live

Amanda Buchalter
Season 1 & 2 - 
Simone Sommers

I enjoy crocheting, long walks, and Marvel.

Matt Cameron

Season 2 - Emerson Parker & The Organist

Loves all single malt Scotch whiskey, but has a particular taste for the Speyside variety.

Mary Clairmont

Season 1 - Janis Fletcher
Season 2 - The Apartment Assistant


Pure maple sugar leaf candies are ethereal, and I'd live solely on them if I could. 

Tim Clairmont

Season 1 - Dr. Wilkhart

Season 2 - Ernest the Prison Guard

Enthusiastic ghost hunter and songwriter.

Jonathan Davidson

Season 2 - Jonah

Burt Reynolds is my lord and savior. 

Mat De Lisle

Season 1 & 2 - Baker Peterson

"All I can do is be me, whoever that is."

- Bob Dylan

Annie Dilworth

Season 1 - Hannah Pauling / Nox
Season 2 - Fargo Kaminski

Annie is obsessed with the true crime/comedy podcast, "My Favorite Murder".

Craig Ester

Season 2 - Lester Thompson

I'm 6'4" and I'm afraid of heights, but I love the Exorcist. 

David Galido

Season 1 - Hogan Jones & Dispatcher

David once won a game of Star Wars Trivial Pursuit in which no one else got a turn. 

Julia Garlotte

Season 1 - Dr. Joanne Delmen
Season 2 - Dr. Joanne Delmen & Olivia


I super love cats. 

Angel Geter

Season 1 - Lottie & Nurse Abigail

Season 2 - Lottie

The grass is greener with tasty treats in your belly. Mewmew. :) 

James Herman

Season 1 - James Herman

Season 2 - Younger Brother

I high-fived a bear in November, 2013.

Matthew Herman

Season 2 - Odin at the Voodoo Shop & Dispatcher

Currently brewing sweet golden mead.

Dan Johnson

Season 1 & 2 - Officer Mason & Necromon

Fun Fact: I can whistle through my teeth. :) 

Paul Lapczynski

Season 1 - Sheriff Paul & Bus Driver

Season 2 - Rando on Benton Ave. 

Jamm'n to yacht rock. 

Roni Lapczynski

Season 1 - Charlie the checkout girl


Allison Megroet
Season 2 - Dani Parker

My cat Beefcake is the love of my life. 

Jack Meloche
Season 2 - Miles

I've had the privilege to provide voices for 11 audiobooks. 

Allyson Miko

Season 1 - Nurse Johnson & News Reporter

Allyson Miko is a casual witch, part-time comedian, and aspiring end-of-life doula. 

Vicki Morgan
Season 2 - Marley Thompson & Ashley the waitress

I was once told that I hide behind my glasses-- a truth I had not recognized until that very moment. 

Scotty Schlueter
Season 2 - Mitchell Lou

Spring is the best month. 

Shelby Seeley
Season 2 - London & Monica

If my students are off-book early, I dress up as a pickle for tech week. 

Kellie Stonebrook

Season 1 - Professor Navarro & Karen

Kellie once had an eye twitch that lasted ten days. 

Barbaro Tran Suarez

Season 1 - Marcus Fletcher

I enjoy cosplay, mix martial arts and acting in film projects. Fun Fact: Any character that Jason Momoa has played has become my nickname. (Aquaman, Khal Drogo)

Mark Ujik
Season 2 - Carson

I can roll my belly on command! :) 

Joe Zettelmaier
Season 1 - Walt Rogers & Malcolm Delmen
Season 2 - Malcolm Delmen & Documentarian


A few years ago, I got to hold a lemur in my arms. It was adorable and incredibly soft.