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As a director of horror, one of the overarching “must-haves” in any work I devote myself to is a story that is as powerful as it is entertaining; as thought-provoking as it is nail-biting. HOUSE OF KA is one of these stories. In the wake of the #MeToo Movement, voices of misogyny sink more and more as strong women continue to rise in the film industry. As a female director passionate about representing women overcoming trauma and abuse, as well as representing men who are allies, who can be equally strong and kind, I am thrilled to step into the beautiful, terrifying world of HOUSE OF KA. 

In our film, the mummified body of Queen Tiyehotep has been stolen from her tomb and sold for the entertainment and pleasure of elite men in a Victorian society. While historically, the selling and unwrapping of mummies for entertainment was not unheard of, the film explores this through a modern, feministic lens. It mirrors the horrors of human trafficking, objectification of women, and male dominance over a woman’s body. As the spirit of the mummy begins to terrorize the household, Margaret Trelawny, the daughter of Queen Tiyehotep’s buyer, and her close friend Malcolm Ross, a starry-eyed young lawyer, become the voices strong enough to speak for those who have been silenced. While the film has its share of shocks and scares, it is this bravery and opposition to injustice that I hope resonates the most with our audiences. 

Part of what makes our team ideal for the creation of this film is our unique combination of skills and assets which will contribute to the film’s aesthetic. Our visual standards are high and our cost is very low. Our team owns our own camera kit, including the Red Komodo 6K, and we're used to utilizing what we have to create stunning visuals. 

HOUSE OF KA, loosely adapted from Bram Stoker’s The Jewel of Seven Stars, is an ideal story for our times. While historical horror does notably well in today’s market, adaptations also tend to get larger audiences than original works. Most importantly, however, is the message of hope, justice, and empowerment this story has for our audiences. My team and I are passionate about this profound and haunting tale, and are thrilled to present this film to you.


Many thanks!

- Josie Eli Herman

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