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Character Insights & World Building Info

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ETSY AND VICTOR SOMMERS   After Dr. Joanne Delmen's death at the lab, the JM labs board members were at a loss over what to do with the young, orphaned Etsy. Victor Sommers, having recently relocated with his children to New Orleans, reached out to the board members and requested that they arrange for her to be sent to a New Orleans foster care program where he could keep a distant eye on her. Etsy was unaware of this connection, and Victor never interacted with her until attempting to reach out at the beginning of season one. 

By fan request, this information was assembled by The Call of the Void creator duo to let you in on some interesting character backstories and insights discussed in the creation of the show, snippets from between seasons, and a little of what happened with the characters post show. (Contains spoilers if you aren't through all three seasons.) Enjoy!

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