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Topher Sommers and Simone Sommers realize that their dad has gone missing. They retrace his steps to see if they can find any clues to where he is. They meet Officer Mason, and several others who help them with the case.  As they retrace their father’s last steps, Topher meets an old high school acquaintance named Etsy Delmen, who works as a palm reader at Zola’s House of Voodoo on Bourbon Street. When reading Topher’s palm, Etsy seems to have a strange, mysterious reaction. Soon after this meeting, Simone and Topher discover that their father has been found in a hospital in Kentucky. But when they reunite, they make the disturbing discovery that he has lost his vision, and can only speak in scrambled words. 
Simone and Topher are told by the hospital staff that their father was found scratching strange symbols in the woods before going blind and losing his ability to communicate. Topher goes to investigate the area, but doesn’t learn much. Once back in New Orleans, Simone and Topher check their father into a mental institute for treatment. When visiting him, however, they learn that he has already had a mysterious visitor, who said she was Simone Sommers. Topher realizes that this visitor must have been Etsy Delmen.
After discovering that Etsy just might be investigating the same case as he is, Topher partners up with Etsy. The two realize that what happened to Topher’s father has been happening to several people. Posing as journalists, they meet with Marcus Fletcher, a businessman who recently lost his vision. While talking to Topher and Etsy, Marcus gets confused and his words start getting jumbled, just like Topher’s father. 
Simone reveals to Topher that she discovered that their father had been looking back into parallel universe theories and other research done at JM labs, where he used to work years ago. She fears that he is losing his mind.
Retracing Marcus Fletcher’s last steps before going blind, Topher and Etsy go to a bus stop outside of town. There, Etsy has a panic attack, brought on by a mysterious force. In the car ride back, Topher mentions his dad’s studies at JM Labs. To his surprise, Etsy knows of the lab and its history. No longer in operation because of an accident, the lab stands abandoned in Ohio. Suddenly, Topher and Etsy crash into two teenagers who ran into the street. They realize these two are also blind with the same condition as Topher's father. 
Officer Mason comes to the scene after the car accident. It is clear that Officer Mason and Etsy know each other, and that Etsy has a history of crime. Officer Mason, however, seems to have a soft spot for her. Back in the car, Etsy and Topher continue the conversation on JM labs. Etsy suggests that they take a trip up there to investigate. 
As Etsy and Topher check into a motel for the night, Topher gets a phone call from Simone. She reveals from her research that Etsy’s parents, both deceased, were actually the founders of JM Labs. Topher, angry and confused at why Etsy would be hiding that information, confronts her. Etsy claims she was going to tell Topher right before they got into the car accident, and that she is also just trying to figure out the history, but Topher’s trust in her is shaken.
Continuing the trip, they reach the lab and meet a mysterious stranger named Walt Rogers, who shows them around the lab. Walt explains that there was a rumor of a mysterious entity that originated in the lab. On hearing this, Etsy has another panic attack. As they prepare to leave, however, the car refuses to start. Walt invites them to his house for repairs. While in the house, Walt suddenly attacks them, and they struggle to fight him back. Walt refers to Etsy as The Priestess, and proclaims, “The Void Will Reign”, before they knock him unconscious.
On the way down from Ohio, Etsy reveals to Topher that she has an unusual ability. Whenever her skin touches someone else’s skin, she sees the timeline of their lives. Not only that, but she can see other timelines--their lives in every dimension. Topher is incredulous. She asks him to touch her hand, and reveals an intimate childhood memory. 
Back in New Orleans, Simone investigates the Bayou in hopes that she’ll find the source of her father’s condition. She and her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Baker, encounter a dark presence in the swamp. When Topher and Etsy return to New Orleans, Simone is under the same conditions as her father: blind and unable to communicate except through gumbled words. Topher and Etsy realize that she was affected in the bayou and the two of them head out to investigate. 
In the bayou, they encounter a cult worshipping the dark entity of the Void. Etsy feels a close pull towards the Void as she sees it face to face. Topher pulls her out of the trance and the two escape as the cultists charge towards them.
Back safely, Etsy comes clean to Topher about her whole history. At her apartment, she shows him footage of her time as a child at JM labs. In the footage, it is revealed that Etsy was part of a torturous program of isolation, starvation, and abuse at the hands of her mother, who sought to develop Etsy’s ability to pull things, and eventually people, from one dimension to another. At the end of the tape, Etsy opens a rift in the lab, pulling out The Void from a dark dimension. This act is catastrophic to the lab, and kills Etsy’s mother.
Suddenly, Topher gets a phone call from the mental institution. His dad has just died. Etsy tries to comfort Topher, but Topher responds in anger. Both hurting, they part ways. 
Taking care of Simone as her sanity is quickly fading, Topher tries to reconnect with Etsy, but can’t get through. Finally, he gets a call. The two meet to discuss a package that Etsy has just received at her door. The package is from the cult, headed by their mysterious leader, Necromon. The package reveals not only that the cult is following the two of them, but that Necromon, whose real name is Daniel Elias Johnson, was also a test subject at JM labs, undergoing many of the same experiments that Etsy went through. In Necromon’s message to Etsy, he reveals that he believes it is Etsy’s destiny to unite herself with the Void, an act which would bring the world into perfect stillness. 

While Etsy and Topher make plans to face the cultists, Simone’s life is fading fast. Topher himself then begins to show starting signs of losing his vision and ability to communicate. Suddenly, Walt shows up to the Sommers home, stabbing Topher and capturing Etsy. Topher recovers and follows them to the bayou. Inside the ranks of the cultists, he discovers that Etsy has been preparing with the cult to perform their final ritual for the Void to take over the world. He pleads with her to fight back against the darkness. When it is time for the ritual, Etsy decides to banish the darkness rather than join it, casting it back into the dark dimension.
Topher wakes up in the hospital to discover that Simone is doing fine. Etsy is also in the hospital, recovering from the event with the Void . Etsy tells him that she was able to push it back, and the two share a moment of peace, looking forward to “the next good thing”.
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